Get a high ROI, low risk mentoring program that works.

Use our proven, efficient Mentoring Success Program that delivers results.


Why use the Mentoring Success Program (MSP)?

Not all mentoring programs are created equal, and they certainly aren't always successful! Clients have found that the MSP works.

Effective, efficient training

Provide a series of live or 'virtual live' (via Zoom) workshops for mentees and mentors to clarify roles and responsibilities, highlight skills for mentoring success and facilitate initial interactions between the mentoring pairs.

Proven, evidence-based approach

Have the peace of mind that your mentoring program will work! The MSP is evidence-based (on solid research) and, having been run many times in different organisations, also well proven.

Robust evaluation and reporting

Keep track progress from the very start of your Mentoring Success Program right through to its conclusion via reporting from a range of informative evaluation tools. 

Expert, reliable support

Get expert support that you can rely on throughout the mentoring program. For example, get help with pitching  the initiative, selecting candidates and reporting on progress. 

Mentoring articles

The magic of mentoring

A mentoring relationship can have substantial benefits for both mentee and mentor. With support, organisations can unlock the great value a mentoring partnership has to offer.

Why mentoring is making a strong comeback

What exactly is mentoring? Mentoring most often involves a person on a development journey (mentee). The mentee receives support over an extended period from someone with considerable, usually hard-earned, experience…

Get a great ROI from a mentoring program that works.

Offer a proven MSP in-house, run affordably for you by experts in organisational health and performance.

What our customers are saying

“A very professional, caring and customised service to support and deliver a successful mentoring pilot that has resulted in the launch of an organisation wide mentoring program. The well-researched, structured program continues to support development opportunities for both mentors and mentees as well as producing real business outcomes. Benefits identified by our mentees have included better management of people, increased confidence and greater diversity of options during problem solving. Mentors found that the program enabled them to make a valuable contribution to capability development, they have learnt the skills of successful mentoring and gained fresh insights about the organisation.”
MSP Manager, Client Organisation